Notes from our past

Katie Stoops Photography

Katie Stoops Photography

"Thank you very much for being a part of our wedding day! You have exceptional vision and taste, and I honestly have no idea how the wedding would have happened without your tremendous effort and attention to detail. It has been so wonderful getting to know you and gaining a cherished friendship throughout the process. We can't wait to see you again soon!" 

Mr. & Mrs. Adkins, Bride and Groom

"We can't even start thanking you for how fabulous you were on our wedding weekend, it was such a joy to be with you all day on Saturday and everything went absolutely perfectly. I've never had so much fun in my entire life! Thank you for working so diligently with us all year to make our wedding so beautiful and memorable. Words simply fail."

Mr. & Mrs. Casey, Bride and Groom

"Everyone is still talking about the wedding. All of our family and friends thought it was amazing and had a fantastic time. We know we couldn't have done it without you!"

Mr. & Mrs. Pillsbury, Bride and Groom

"We can't say thank you enough for the amazing wedding! Because of you, our wedding day was perfect and exactly what we wanted."

Mr. & Mrs. Spohrer, Bride and Groom 

"Our day was beautiful because of all of the love and dedication you put into it."

Mr. & Mrs. Sordelett, Bride and Groom

"There aren't enough words to thank you over and over. It was a wonderful wedding and all went as planned, and even better. It was you that made it so perfect for all of us. Your personality, your care for details, your concern for our daughter and all of us added up to create a great, great experience."

Ms. Linn, Mother-of-the-Bride

"I cannot begin to thank you enough for everything you did to make it such a spectacular weekend! You were there at every important point to ensure things went smoothly. As I said before, and I say again, I honestly believe you have magical powers to be in more than one place at the same time. Truly a gift!"

Mr. Linn, Father-of-the-Bride

"We just had to write you to than you for the amazing job you did arranging our wedding! You were unbelievable! Everything was perfect… thanks to you! Your attention to detail and personal touches made everything so easy and just right. I never felt flustered because you were there every step of the way. You really did an outstanding job, we can't thank you enough!"

Mr. & Mrs. Deeley, Bride and Groom

"I just wanted you to know that three months after our daughter's wedding, people are still talking about how beautiful it all was. How lovely, helpful and caring you were to everyone. All of the bridesmaids and groomsmen adored you, and we all felt so organized just being near you. You were superb! You made precious memories for my daughter and son-in-law forever, and for everyone in attendance!"

Mrs. Fulcher, Mother-of-the-Bride

"We can't being to thank you enough for all of your hard work in helping us plan the most memorable wedding! You have truly made this entire process so enjoyable and we hope it's just the start of a great friendship."

Mr. & Mrs. Crouch, Bride and Groom 

"We wanted to make sure you knew how incredibly thank you we are to you for your amazing work on our wedding. You had all bases covered at every step of the way. Do you know how many people have told us "it was the best wedding they'd ever been to"? Well, nearly every single guest, including ourselves, felt that way. Thank you so much, you did a fantastic job!"

Mr. & Mrs. Pashaj, Bride and Groom

"Thank you for everything you did to make our wedding the most memorable day of our lives! I admire your ability to make the potentially stressful process of wedding planning seem so easy (I know it's not!). All of the guests commented on how seamlessly the ceremony went and on the decor in the ballroom. So again, thank you for all that you did!"

Mr. & Mrs. Wellington, Bride and Groom