Tips Inspired by The Black Tux!

Our friends at The Black Tux inspired some of these fantastic ideas for planning your wedding!


Congratulations! You’ve officially set the day and embarked on the journey of planning for a wedding! Wedding planning, in most cases, is a marathon, not a sprint. Before you start mailing those never-ending guest invitations or charting out the perfect seating arrangements, here are a few tips and tricks to help inspire you for planning your dream wedding!

Like an idea? Save it for later!

If you have set the date for your wedding, you’ve probably already started imagining the details of your wedding day. Maybe you envisioned your bridesmaids in vibrantly-colored dresses or considered having your ceremony on the beach. Any wedding idea you might have is an idea worth writing down. Writing down ideas will help you begin narrowing down what themes or color combinations you might be interested in. Before you say yes to the dress, say yes to the idea and pin it! If you’re not already, consider using sites like Pinterest and Style Me Pretty to put together “wedding inspiration boards” of ideas and trends you like! Leading up to your wedding date, save any romantic quotes, wedding decor, or other ideas you might have. Having a longer list of ideas is a great fix for substituting any wedding plans that might fall through at the last minute!

Set dates before the date!

Get ahead of your wedding planning by setting dates to accomplish the necessary tasks. Make accomplishing the tasks on your wedding timeline a fun experience for you, your fiancé, and your wedding party! Take the weekend to enjoy sampling delicious wedding cake flavors with your fiancé! Grab your wedding party and head on a wine tour to taste possible red, white, or rosé options for your reception! Check off the tasks of your wedding planning timeline as you complete them and you’ll be more stress-free as your wedding date gets closer. If you’re in a time crunch, consider alternative options for putting together your wedding details. Look at online wedding suit and tuxedo rentals. Stick to your strategy and the details of your wedding will come together before you know it!

No matter how you approach planning for your wedding, keep in mind the details that you put together for your special day are uniquely yours! Don’t be afraid to explore ideas and trends that might be contrary to a traditional wedding! Always ask questions and coordinate a back up plan for any unseen wedding setbacks! Most importantly, take a deep breath and be excited celebrate starting the next chapter of your life!